Programs Designed For YOU

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Your Level

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. We meet you where you're at.

Your Style

One-on-one training, Custom Small Group, or Energetic Group Classes

Your Goals

Lose weight, move better, get stronger, and increase endurance


You haven't worked out in a while. 

Feel intimidated? Don't!

You'll be guided, supported, and nurtured along every step.

No mirrors, no judgement, and no one left behind. 

Go your pace, learn proper form, and high five great people on the same journey. 

You'll feel like you belong from day 1.



Our Support-Based Approach will meet you where you're at. No matter which program you choose, you will feel guided and supported. Here, you'll go your pace, train at your level, and achieve your goals.


You workout, but want to bring your consistency and intensity up a notch. 

You're ready to get stronger, lean out a little more, dial it in, and still have a great time doing it.

It's your 60-minute vacation from the stressors of a busy life.

You'll be challenged to a new level, held accountable to the standards you know you're capable of, and supported in a positive environment.


You're ready for a new challenge, a change of pace, and a chance to see what you're capable of.

You want a program that is 100% backed by science, proven with real world results, and guaranteed to help you achieve a new and more elite level.

You'll be challenged to a new level to achieve your optimal performance and physique.

What To Expect From Your WORKOUT


Better movement, joints, and range of motion starts with corrective patterns, mobility, balance and stretches.

Strength Training

Train at your level, around injuries, to build lean muscle, increase strength, lose weight, and improve physique.


Improve your cardio, heart health, stamina, and endurance all at your pace. 

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Cool down with soft tissue work to decrease soreness and improve recovery.  


3-Programs Options






META-FIT offers an ideal combination of metabolism boosting strength and conditioning training designed to build lean muscle and lose fat. 


Whether you've been working out for years, getting back after a while, or new, this supportive self-paced class is a great choice.

Get strong, get lean, and enjoy a good sweat.


Fully customized program designed specific to your goals, issues, body, injuries, and preferences. 

Experience the highest level of attention with a 1-to-4 ratio (one coach to 4-max client).

Future-proof your body. Address your specific needs. Starts with 21-Point movement assessment.


Training for a sport? Looking to develop a healthy relationship with fitness, your body, and how you move at a young age? 

The perfect program for your next of kin to get stronger, develop endurance, agility, speed, and confidence.

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