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Help You Feel Better, Live Stronger, And Achieve More

How Do We Do That? 

We Stand Behind Our BELIEFS


We Believe In NO

No Judgement
No Gimmicks
No Comparison
No One Left Behind

We Believe



We genuinely care about you, our community, giving back, and making a difference in the lives of the people we serve.



Certified Trainers provide accountability, support, and education to ensure you reach your goals.



High Fives, encouragement, support, local events and fun. You'll build lasting connections with other positive, like-minded people.

We Believe In Giving BACK

You Help 4 Families Every Month

Meet Our Partnered CHARITY



Each month, 2% is donated to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

  • Donations help The Positive Parenting Program

    • It takes as little as $3 per family 

    • For every $1 invested into the program, $7.48 of taxpayer money is saved.

    • You help save tax payers $67.32 every single month that you're a member of BLOCK

Donated: $14k

Taxpayer Savings: $101k

Mission Statement

Create experiences that build better humans.

  • Nourish mind, body, and soul

  • Challenge limiting beliefs

  • Educate and communicate

  • Accept and show kindness


We Are A Fitness Collective

A collective is a group of individuals that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective




Block fitness collective_edited.png

Our Story

Before BLOCK, Joseph Hawthorne owned the highest ranking fitness studio in Pasadena, CA, Copper Moose Fitness. It was a thriving gym, with an amazing community and culture.
He closed December 2018, to move to Tucson,
and raise his son here (near family).

He is excited, proud, and honored to bring his expertise to the community of
Oro Valley with this new brand and state of the art facility. 

Welcome to our community.
Welcome to our neighborhood.
Welcome to our BLOCK.

Joseph Hawthorne

Owner and Founder - Serving others to expand their human capacity, realize their true potential, achieve optimal health, and become better humans. This is Joseph's calling; to build a community and place where you can improve your health and relationship with mind, body, and spirit. 


Caroline Janton

Gym Manager - Your go-to contact for everything Block Fitness. Caroline has been a part of the team since the inception of Block Fitness and is driven to deliver an amazing experience for every step of your journey here at Block Fitness. 

Block Fitness_Caroline_8103_ArtifactPS.jpg
Block Fitness_Juliet_7808_1_ArtifactPS.jpg

Juliet Fortino

Barbell Lifting Specialist & Nutrition Coach - A master of the barbell with powerlifting meets under her belt, Juliet offers strength training insights like no other. As a Certified nutrition coach, life coach, and licensed therapist, Juliet is our go-to Coach for helping you improve your mindset, change nutrition habits, and reach your strength goals.

Block Fitness_Joanna_5_7895_ArtifactPS.jpg

Joanna Milkovich

Physical Therapy Assistant & Personal Training - Joanna's specialties include corrective exercise therapy from her PTA degree, years of experience coaching athletes (soccer emphasis), and training professional cheerleaders for both the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals.

Ethan Buus

Personal Trainer & Sports Training Specialist - Ethan brings an extensive athletic background to Block Fitness and works with Youth Athletes of all ages & sports. He has a passion for lifting, rehab, speed and conditioning.

James Becker

Personal Training - Strength coach and hypertrophy specialist, James brings a body builders approach to Block Fitness to help shape and build every aspect of your physique.


Karil Hawthorne

Nutrition Coach - Owner and Founder of Block Nutrition. To learn more about Karil and our Nutrition Coaching options, please head to

for more details.

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Becky Wesoloski

Personal Trainer and Massage TherapistCoach Becky is not only a highly skilled and certified personal trainer, she is also a licensed massage therapist! She has a passion for Kettlebells, Yoga, Horse Back riding and helping fellow athletes get out of pain, move better, and back to doing what they love.

You've Learned About Us,

Let Us, Learn About YOU

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