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Oro Valley's boutique neighborhood gym offers a curated experience to ensure you

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Welcome To Our BLOCK

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"I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. The program Block put together is customized to my needs and changes monthly so I don’t get bored. The trainer’s help me get the most out of my workout and they make it fun."

Eric Hoffman

"Love this place! I’ve been going for a few months now with my husband and we love it. I’ve tried a lot of small group fitness classes and this one stands out. It’s consistent & clean.

Haley Henry

"A truly inclusive gym that is welcoming to all. If you are looking for something less corporate and more personalized, with access to a wide variety of equipment this is for you."

Lela Williams

"I was excited to find a personal trainer who could design a strength and conditioning program that worked for me and my needs. For the imperfect, this is the perfect place!"

Danette Bewley


Why Join Our BLOCK?

  • Custom to YOU - a workout designed specifically for your body, goals, and needs

  • Coaching- every move is corrected and coached. No more guessing what to do

  • Consistent - you'll actually enjoy the workouts and environment, which keeps you coming back for more

Build A Better YOU

Fitness Philosophy

Train YOU specifically to your needs and abilities. 

Building blocks of fitness: Mobility, Strength, Power, Conditioning, Stamina 

From personalized workout plans, small group personal training,

and group exercise classes, you'll discover your perfect fit.

Our focus is you.



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